He is the "Y"

Mickyfan site set up party for him and this is what happened there. Kinda rough translation though. It’s kinda cute you shouldn’t miss it. Mrs Park was there and told stories about our chun.

All stories inside told by his mom 🙂

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Great GQ Yoochun Interview..

*chaos under control*

Translations of Yoochun’s interview on GQ magazine:

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Yoochun’s love for music is very evident in this interview. I think out of all the interviews of the five members, his was the one that basically tackled issues mostly related to music. It actually amazed me when I read the part where he said that he went to work for six jobs a week just to buy a piano. I mean, I can’t imagine someone without the genuine love and passion for music doing that. I also like the part where he said “The fact that I could sing and record and write… there was nothing that made me happier than that.” That statement of his says it all.

I was actually surprised to know that Yoochun is optimistic and reckless. Looking at the five members, I really didn’t imagine him to be the positive and reckless one. He…

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