JYJ predictions

from http://jyj3.net/2011/11/27/111128-jyj3-general-all-purpose-post/

by: @MIA2


OMG!!!! It is so freaking long! This is the last part.

JYJ for 2012

2012 is a year that will bring good fortune but there may be some conflict due to an unloyal person and unfortunately a death is indicated. It is possible that this death may represent the final closing of a cycle in the life of all three members. Please do not get upset with what you read. There are other very wonderful things indicated as well.
It could all very well never even happen!

Seven of Diamonds in the House of Vocation
You will have a very successful future; or you will go into something that brings success; or plunge into self employment successfully. The bottom line: you will enjoy successful employment.
King of Hearts in the House of Gratitude
A person who loves you will be very grateful for any favors you give and will amply repay you at a later date. As a group make an effort to notice the little things. Helping in the smallest of things can bring unexpected fortune.
Queen of Clubs in the House of Success
One of you will have great success in love but one of you may also suffer heartbreak or a sharp conflict with a female family member.
Seven of Spades in the House of Disappointment
Your health (or someone’s) will bring delay or disappointment in your life. Your finances may be unstable due to poor health. You may feel disappointment that you are not progressing as quickly as expected.
King of Clubs in the House of Death
The death of someone may change your present occupation; a change of work is indicated; or the severance of an unpleasant working condition. It is likely that this person is an older male whom you all know. (this person most likely knows all three members)
Ace of Hearts in the House of Inheritance
Someone in the home will receive an inheritance, or the inheritance of a home. You can receive an inheritance without a death you know! A wonderful surprise may be in store for all of you.
Ten of Diamonds in the House of Compasses
Indicates you are vibrating to money this month. A raise or new project may be in store for all of you.
Ace of Spades in the House of Friends
Some time in your life you will have a friend who is in the slaughter business, an undertaker, a casket maker, or some business pertaining to the death. It is also possible that someone you once had a friendship with will come back in your life.
Nine of Clubs in the House of Luck
Things should run smoothly for some time to come as this is a positive sign, an omen of good luck, when this card and House come together. Friendship will be very strong. The three of you will share something truly special.
Nine of Diamonds in the House of Undertaking
You will have a surprise concerning a new venture you are interested in or are offered. Something you learn to your advantage. An actor will take on a challenging role and succeed.
Eight of Hearts in the House of Gifts
You will receive a gift from your sweetheart, if single; or a gift from a very dear friend; or a gift from a member of the family.
Jack of Hearts in the House of Achievement
You will receive much publicity through an achievement. Fame and fortune should be your lot in the near future through a new achievement. You may have success in a foreign place. You should all be careful of fake friends and secret enemies. An ungrateful person may be out to harm you, most likely a female.


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